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Tips for Making a College List


One of the most difficult aspects of the college application process is making the college list.  You need to make sure you find schools that fit your aspirations and your profile.  You want to have a good balance of reach schools, with schools that are obtainable, along with a few safety schools for peace of mind.  Don’t forget that you want to be “in love” with at least one school.  And what about financial aid?  How do you know if you will qualify for merit scholarships?  It is enough to make you head spin!
A blog entry on US News and World Report provided the “Top 4 Tips for Making Your College List”.  The writers refer to asking relatives and referring to college guides.  They also talk about trusting your guidance counselor and college rankings- “to a point.”
But what do you do if you feel total overwhelmed with the process?  What do you do if you don’t know where to start?  An independent consultant can certainly help you tackle this daunting task.  We can also help you narrow down your choices if you are finding your list is a little too broad.  There are many reasons to hire an educational consultant.  Why not contact us today to find out if hiring a consultant is the right move for you?
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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