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Tips for Planning Spring Break College Visits

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Spring break is quickly approaching so it is time to plan your spring break college visits!  Before you become overwhelmed with the details, consider thinking of your college visits as you would any other trip.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do when you get there?  How long will you be there?  Our tips below will help break down the planning process.

Where do you want to go? Identify the colleges you would like to visit

For some students, it is easy to nail down exactly which colleges they would like to visit.  You may start with one or two ideas, then research them both to determine which college you would like to see the most.  For other students, you may still be struggling with which colleges to see.  If you are in the very preliminary stages of looking into colleges, you may want to visit some local colleges over the next few weeks in order to get a better idea of what you are looking for. Visits to local colleges can help you gain prospective on size, location and overall feel of the college experience.

Is this a good time?  

The best time to visit a college campus is when classes are in session.  Take some time to research the colleges you will be visiting to determine if they will be on spring break too.  If so, you may want to consider rescheduling.

What do you want to do while you are there? Plan the details

Most campus visits include a guided tour and information session.  You should also determine if you will have the opportunity to interview while visiting. If you do plan on interviewing, be sure read our college interview tips.  If you are just beginning to visit colleges and do not feel quite ready to interview, you may want to wait until fall of your senior year. You may also want to consider looking into any specialized areas of interest.  Is there an athletic coach you would like to meet with?  Do you want to sit in on a class?  Would meeting with a professor help answer specific questions you have regarding a particular major?   Read our tips on planning the perfect college visit for more tips on what do while on campus.

What do you need to know before you arrive? Do your research

One mistake that many students make is that they visit a college just because it is close to another college that they are interested in.  Be sure to take the time to research all of the schools you are considering visiting.  You want to make sure the colleges are a good fit for you and will not be a waste of time.  Be sure to also visit schools that are within your academic and testing profile.  It is fine to go see one or two reach schools, but make sure you have some obtainable and safety school visits scheduled as well.

What do you want to learn while you are there? Think of some questions. 

Now that you have a list of schools to visit and you have researched them thoroughly, make sure you have identified the questions you would like to have answered.  You may also want to ask the same question to multiple people to compare the different answers you receive.

Can’t travel during spring break? 

Visit the colleges that are closer to home.  If you are finding that you will not be able to venture to a far away destination for your spring break college visits, don’t forget that you can visit the colleges that are closer to home.  Take day trips instead of going overnight.  As mentioned above, this can be especially helpful if you are still not sure what type of college you are interested in.

Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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