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Top Colleges See Little Fall in Freshman Commitments


Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times reports today that Top Colleges See Little Fall in Freshman Commitments.

Unsurprisingly, students offered admission to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Pomona are accepting those offers at more or less the same rates as in years past. All of these schools have increased their financial aid budgets this year over last to ensure that yields stay constant.

But as Steinberg admits, only a small fraction of colleges have reported yield rates, and many colleges (including the likes of Georgetown) still have room in their freshman classes. The effects of the economic meltdown on college enrollments still remain to be seen, and we’re several weeks from having a full understanding of how the economy will affect both college budgets and the experience of the students who do matriculate.

Stay tuned.

Mark Montgomery
Independent College Consultant

May 11 UPDATE:  According to an article in today’s issue of The Dartmouth, Dartmouth College’s yield was 2% lower than last year, forcing the admissions office to pull 50-60 students off the wait list. This is not a huge decline, and probably something that would have made the news, were it not for the kooky economic situation.


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