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Tulane University-For Students Who Enjoy Giving Back To Their Community


A few weeks ago I attended the NACAC conference in New Orleans and had the chance to take a tour of the Tulane University campus. Despite the warm and humid day our tour guide kept us smiling with stories of the buildings and his experience studying music on campus. However, one of the most interesting pieces of the tour was learning about the Public Service requirement that all Tulane students must complete before graduation.
The university advocates for students to “learn by doing” and attempts to help students gain a deeper understanding of the community they live in.
According to the Tulane Public Service website students must:

  • “Successfully complete one service learning course at the 100-, 200-, or 300-level before the end of their sophomore year or fourth semester on campus.”
  • “During their junior or senior year (after four semesters of coursework), participate in one of the following Center for Public Service approved programs (at the 300-level or above)”:
  • Service learning course
  • Academic service learning internship
  • Faculty-sponsored public service research project
  • Public service honors thesis project
  • Public service-based international study abroad program.
  • Capstone experience with public service component

This post includes a few pictures I took during my tour but for more information visit Tulane University. For those students who are interested in community service and are looking to be part of something bigger than themselves- Tulane just might be a good fit.


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