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U Penn: Large Class Sizes and Inaccessibility of Profs


I find that some parents are stuck on reputation and prestige when they walk into my office and start talking about colleges.  I try to remind them that they are buying not only the reputation, but the educational experience for four years.

I also try to talk to them about class size and accessibility of professors, and the fact that many of our large research universities (both public and private) neglect undergraduate teaching in favor of academic research.

Often these parents won’t listen to me.  Or they just don’t believe me.  Thanks goodness for students who speak the truth about their institutions.

Check out this video from Unigo about the University of Pennsylvania.  Not exactly a ringing endorsment of the Penn education.  Would you slap down $40k in tuition (plus expenses) for huge class sizes and inaccessible professors–all for the reputation of an Ivy League school?

(Answer:  some will, some wont.)

Video – Why I Chose Penn(5) – University of Pennsylvania | Unigo

Mark Montgomery

College Counselor


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