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What is a Jesuit Education? Why Attend A Jesuit University?


One of the distinctive features of the American higher educational system is its infinite variety.  There is a college for everyone.

One group of universities stands out in its dedication to the liberal arts and to the education of a person’s mind, body, and spirit.  The Jesuit universities share a mission to create well-founded individuals.

The 28 Jesuit institutions include some well-known universities, including Georgetown and anything with the name “Loyola” in it (Loyola Chicago, Loyola New Orleans, Loyola Marymount).  This group also includes names of great schools that have a familiar ring to them:  Creighton, Gonzaga, Marquette.

I had the good fortune to meet with the Assistant Dean of Admissions from Marquette University recently, and I asked her to explain what a Jesuit education is all about.

So here is Kate Metcalfe describing why you might consider a Jesuit education–at Marquette, or at any of the other 27 Jesuit colleges and universities.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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