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Which Test Scores Should I Send?


As students are wrapping up their college applications, making sure transcripts are sent, letters of recommendation submitted, and essays completed there is always the question of sending the test scores.
A number of years ago the decision was easy in regards to which test scores to send to a college. Students were typically taking only one type of test (either the SAT or ACT) and often were only taking the test once.
Today, many students are trying their hand at both the SAT and the ACT to see which they perform better on. Not only that, students are taking each test multiple times. Therefore, for many students, it can be confusing to know which scores to send to a college. A few tips:
1) Many schools do what they call “superscore.” This means it can be to your advantage to send scores from multiple seatings of a test as the college will combine your best individual sections to give you the best possible overall composite score to use in the decision of your application.
2) If you do not plan to send all of your scores, at least make sure to mark down all the tests that you took, and the dates you took them, on your application so that a college can request them if they want to see them.
3) Check out this handy chart to see how your ACT and SAT scores align. This chart was completed after a study by the ACT and the College Board and is designed to look at the relationship between two scores on the ACT and SAT. While this chart does not equate scores it does provide a helpful tool for looking up comparable scores.
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