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Getting Into College – Why It’s Easier Than You Might Think

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The thought of getting into college can be daunting. The ACT or SAT exam is a big deal. Keeping your grades up is not easy, and writing an admissions essay that stands out is no simple task. But there are trends these days that are sure to make you feel more at ease about getting into college.

First of all, the number of college age students is declining in America.

This means competition for slots at top universities are easier than ever to fill.

Also, the number of higher education slots is higher than ever these days. Schools have more slots for students than ever before. In fact, the U.S. has an overcapacity in university slots. So outside of the universities that reject more applicants than they admit, competition for students to enroll is very keen. This, combined with the decline in student population, really works in your favor.

The average acceptance rate for college acceptance right now is 70%. Many schools have acceptance rates of 80% or more. Again, they have their slots to fill if they want to remain active and vibrant places of learning, and this works to your advantage.

It’s especially easy to get accepted into college if you’re a boy. More girls apply than boys, 57% to 43%, and colleges always look to keep their student gender ratios in check.

The bottom line is this:

Try not to be too intimidated by the thought of getting into college. If you are a serious student who is looking for the experience of higher education, then there is a college or university out there for you. The trick is to know how to choose the right group of schools to apply to. And to make your application the very best it can be.

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