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Your Personal Brand: Could Google Hurt Your College Admissions Chances?


According to The Personal Branding Blog  it’s possible that your online identity could prevent you from getting into the school of your choice. According to a 2010 study, by Kaplan, schools across the country, including business schools and law schools, are using social networking sites to help evaluate their applicants. In addition, many admissions office, and employers are using Google as a way to learn information about you. In essence, it is a new method of reference checking.
As you start to work on your college applications this summer, and fall, it may be worth a quick check to see what comes up when you “Google yourself.” Make sure that your personal brand, or online identity, showcases you at your best and doesn’t provide any information that could compromise your admission.  Double check all of your privacy settings on your social media profiles and make sure to delete any pictures that you wouldn’t want an admission counselor to see.
Cara Ray
Educational Consultant in Colorado


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