GAP Year Abroad–A Great Way to Prepare for College and Learn About the World

I recently attended a GAP year fair to learn more about the growing number of excellent programs for students who want to take a year out between high school and college to pursue something different. Some students engage in community service, some travel the world, and some opt for another sort of educational experience.

At the fair, I met Chris Stakich, the co-founder and executive director of “Thinking Beyond Borders.”  This is an eight month GAP year program structured to expose participants to several key global issues.  I was so struck by the content of this program that I took Chris aside to ask him a few questions about his program.

This interview appears in the video below.

Mark Montgomery
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  1. Mark, I feel that this gap year is a must for some kids.

    My son has applied to a program with some prodding from me. He is 16 and says he wants to start college but I know that he will gain more from this one year than he thinks he will lose by going to college a year later.

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