Is Cost of Tuition High? Stop Whining?

I wrote a guest commentary that appeared in the online edition of the Denver Post yesterday. It’s about the high cost of tuition, with special attention given to tuition prices in the state of Colorado.

It’s clear from reading the comments that many readers misunderstood my central point: that the citizens of Colorado cannot have it both ways: they cannot continue to refuse to underwrite the cost of tuition through higher taxes and continue to complain that tuition is too high.

Money does not grow on trees. There is no free lunch. The piper must be paid.

Someone has to pay for the college education to which we aspire. And it’s going to be either the taxpayers, the students (and their parents) or some combination of both.

And at the moment, the cost of the education is falling to the student. Colorado ranks 49th in terms of public support of higher eduction.

It’s fun to read the comments, and I encourage you to read them, too.

Mark Montgomery

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