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Another Opening, Another Show

The Carnival of Education is up this week, hosted by Creating Lifelong Learners. Check out all the hullaballo over here.

Here are two of my favorite posts:cotton candy machine

Cash for Studying by Joanne Jacobs examines a study to see if paying low-income students for good test scores works. Jacobs cites an editorial in the Christian Science Monitor based on research that students from low-income families who are paid to study are more likely to achieve academic goals. It’s sorta sad that this scheme works; but if we’re serious about raising student achievement across the board, we have to be creative.

Behind the Scenes of Rate My is Michael Arnzen’s interesting examination of the web site phenom. I share Arnzen’s criticisms of the site, but there is no denying that prospective students can get a bunch of information about a college’s professoriate by visiting the site. One should take the rankings with a grain of salt (just as we take the US News rankings with a grain of salt).

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