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Carnival of Education is open once again

The 140th Carnival of Education is up and running over at the Tempered Radical, where blogger and Teacher of The Year Mike Ferriter serves up some good fun from the EduSphere.

My favorite posts this week include:

R.Pettinger presents Economics Essays: Should 50% of Students Go to University?—an honorable mention winner for “Post of the Carnival.” In it, Pettinger questions the seemingly unquestionable: Our determination to make college kids out of everyone that comes through the doors of our schools.

If there’s one thing that teachers love more than being hip, it’s understanding what all the hip kids are talking about in the hallway, right? That’s why eric hebert’s 13 Must Read Blogs For College Students – College posted at college degree should be subtitled 13 Must Read Blogs for Those Somewhat Insane Teachers who are Spending Their Careers Preparing College Students.

Please note that I cribbed Bill’s commentary about these posts. He is very good, so why not “borrow” his prose (just as Huck Finn “borrowed” fish hooks)?!

Bill did an especially nice job introducing my contribution to the Carnival:

I often love to read blog entries that present a viewpoint that differs from my own because they challenge me to refine and revise my thinking and to consider new ideas. I found that opportunity in Mark Montgomery’s submission: No Graduate Left Behind: Bush Administration Pushes Accountability in Higher Education found on Great College Advice. Mark explains why increased accountability won’t work at the college level but is perfectly fine for K-12 education.

Stay tuned for next week’s Carnival hosted by The Education Wonks.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consultant and Carnival-Goer

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