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Earn a College Degree in Great Britain

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the rapid growth in the number of American students applying to British universities, and identifies some of the advantages of studying in Great Britain.King's College

  1. It’s cheaper across the pond: Tuition ranges from about $14,000 to $22,000 per year. Trinity University in Texas costs $34,000 per year. So you can build in a hefty travel budget and still save some dough over four years.
  2. Prestige and caché: A degree from Oxford, Cambridge, and about a dozen other British universities offer rich traditions of excellence. And Crown Prince William attends the University of Saint Andrew’s. So if the education is good enough for the royals, mightn’t it be good enough for you?
  3. A different model: An undergraduate education in Britain encourages more independent learning, including guided research, than the American system. Here in the US, our higher education system still holds students’ hands and coddles them a bit. In fact, that’s what most Americans seem to want—a bit of intellectual and physical pampering. But the British model requires students to be self-motivated and self-directed. So for students who can handle the challenge, a British education can be a great option.
  4. A British education gives a new dimension to the idea of studying abroad: While most American universities offer some sort of study abroad program, only a small minority study abroad for a semester or more. If you contemplate working in the global economy, a degree from a British university may give you the edge you need to compete.
  5. American graduate schools welcome students with British degrees: If your plan is to pursue a graduate degree, you won’t hurt your chances by going abroad for your undergraduate program. On the contrary, you may stand out from the crowd.

A number of independent counselors specialize in admission to British universities (including yours truly). If you’re interested in exploring this option, you can begin by visiting the various website of the universities, and the British Council can also be very helpful. In the end, however, you may want to consider getting personalized help in the admission process.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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  1. Harris, Sounds good! How can I help? Where do you live? Are you looking for independent counseling to help you find the right university and program for you? If so, let me know! British Universities can be a good fit for many American, for a whole host of reasons, not least of which their undergraduate programs are three years instead of four. Happy to see if I can be of assistance!

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