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Ivy League Education Leaves Man Homeless

Sometimes people think that an Ivy League education will guarantee success in life. Well, it all depends on your vision of success.

Ted Pascoe and I attended Dartmouth around the same time. Now he’s homeless.

By choice.

Sometimes you just have to take a stand. The non-profit program Ted runs for homeless seniors in Denver suffered a severe budget cut at the hands of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG). Incensed, Ted has decided to join his clients–by sleeping on the streets.

Some may call it crazy. Others will call it leadership. Ted is a gutsy guy. And get this: his mom is proud of him. Not many Ivy League grads would be so lucky.

Mark Montgomery

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  1. I have 2 degrees from columbia but no job.

    Your play on words disgusts me. If you looked harder, you would find an ample supply of homeless people with degrees, even from top schools. Education that cannot or will not guarantee a job is useless.

  2. Hi, Sean. Sorry to “disgust” you. I agree that just having a degree will never be a guarantee of a job. In fact, life carries very few guarantees. It’s frustrating, I know.
    Best regards.

  3. I heard that there are homeless people that have gone to Harvard and other Ivy League schools. How is that possible? Is it always by choice? How did other factors play into it?

  4. Hello, Nydia. Great question. The answer is yes. I, myself, have a Dartmouth classmate who is homeless. She has experienced many difficulties in her life, including struggles with mental illness. Going to a particular school does not immunize any of us from life’s tragedies. In fact, going to an Ivy League school is no guarantee of anything. The name of the school on your diploma is no ticket to life. It’s sad when students I come into contact with tell me that getting into this or that school is a matter of “life and death” for them. The fact is that one’s life is dependent on your own talents, your own abilities, your collected experience, and your physical and mental constitution. The diploma has nothing to do with it–and there are studies to back this up. Of course, as one who has attended an Ivy League school, I can tell you that you can experience some great things at one of those schools. But you can also become depressed, anxious, insecure, and every other inevitable human emotion. And, yes, you can even end up homeless. “Ivy” is not synonymous with “happy.”
    Best wishes to you.

  5. Do you have any statistics on the percentage of homeless people that have a college degree whether from an ivy league school or otherwise?

  6. Hi, Shawn. Good question. No, I don’t have such statistics. Not sure who might collect them. I wonder if individual shelters collect data like that on their residents/clients. I am guessing the Ivy League schools are not really interested in collecting such data. : )
    Good luck in your quest.

  7. Oh man the message this article conveys is just great, this should be required reading for high school students.

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