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Which Colleges Produce the Most CEOs?

Bloomberg / Business Week has come up with a list of the 10 colleges that have produced the highest number of current CEOs.  You can check out the original list here.

But to make it easier on our readers, I’ll quickly reproduce the list here:

1.  University of California (12 CEOs)

2.  School of Hard Knocks (12 CEOs)

3.  Harvard College (11 CEOs)

4.  University of Missouri (11 CEOs)

5.  University of Texas (11 CEOs)

6.  University of Wisconsin (11 CEOs)

7.  Dartmouth College (10 CEOs)

8.  Princeton (9 CEOs)

9.  Indiana University (8 CEOs)

10. Purdue University (8 CEOs)


One person left a comment on the Bloomberg website proposing that the numbers of CEOs be adjusted the for numbers of graduates of each university.  Certain small colleges would certainly look a lot better,  if we were to report such an index.

You might also want to check out my list of famous graduates from liberal arts colleges.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant

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  1. The article doesn’t say, but this has got to be F100 or F500 CEOs. If you looked at the CEO count of entrepreneurial startups, I wonder how (if at all) the numbers would change. Certainly the culture in some universities must skew toward joining the “establishment” and others toward taking the risk of starting your own business. (And being in the tech startup world, I certainly know all about “CEOs” that barely qualify.)

  2. Hi, Charlie.

    This article does refer to the “establishment” rather than to entrepreneurial start ups. One other thing that might be of interest to young people is that almost everyone is involved in “business” of some sort–even if it is a not-for-profit enterprise: we all have to provide value and earn a salary somehow!

    Thanks for writing in!

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